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Tokenized Structured Products (TKSPs)

Colb TKSPs meticulously mirror the performance of real-world assets, presenting a refined avenue for DeFi investors to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape. They are flexible enough to accommodate any asset class, with the potential to reduce overall costs and legal complexities in the tokenization process, whilst providing security for investors with a bankruptcy-remote structure.
Colb’s TKSPs are fully backed with reserves protected by a Legal Trust which are deposited in a bank account providing security for investors. Although physical assets are not safeguarded by blockchains – the management of real-world assets or strategies ARE protected by the existing legal frameworks.
TKSPs are categorised based on the products they represent:
  • Colb Fund-Linked Tokens (CFTs): Tracking the performance of specific funds. Colb’s inaugural C1Black TKSP was linked to a BlackRock fund.

  • Colb Managed Tokens (CMTs): Involve active management by a by a regulated financial expert, and provide strategies aligned to a chosen risk profile. With availability starting in 2024, the first will they represent a balanced (diversified with medium risk) actively managed by a wealth manager in Switzerland.

  • Colb Tracker Tokens (CTTs): Tracking the performance of various assets or financial strategies. Scheduled for introduction in 2024, they will monitor thematic strategies and private assets (for example, impact investing or pre-IPO deals).

Types of Colb TKSPs
Wealth 3.0 Whitepaper