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The Colb App

Colb App Icon
Colb has created an end-to-end, non-custodial, premium investment journey whilst providing a scalable framework through a stable and secure ecosystem – on-chain.
At the heart of this is the Colb app which allows users easy access to premium wealth and asset management strategies without the traditional constraints and costs.
The key function of the app is to provide access for Stable Colb USD ($SCB) holders to invest in TKSPs and manage their portfolio.
$SCB holders deploy $SCB in Colb private pools via smart contracts to acquire positions in TKSPs which are underpinned by real-world assets (RWA) strategies.
On access, via digital wallets (email accepted too), users can swap for $SCB from other crypto, purchase via transfer USD to the Legal Trust bank account, and cash out for fiat.