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Colb is developing a new liquidity system for TKSPs based on declarations of intent to sell or borrow tokenized investments. The system relies on Solvers, who are agents tasked with finding the algorithmic path to liquidity both on-chain and off-chain. $COLB serves as the cornerstone of this new liquidity system, offering incentives for participants to engage and establish organic liquidity for TKSPs in cryptocurrencies. As a utility token within the liquidity incentive system, $COLB performs various functions, including rewarding Solvers and over-collateralizing loans. Furthermore, Colb’s liquidity ecosystem aims to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline the user experience by utilizing $COLB to cover gas fees and govern the Colb DAO.
$COLB has a limited supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, with no minting or burning functions. Primary utilities include:

  • Rewarding Solvers who participate in the intent-solver model to incentivize the community around the intent protocol.

  • Over-collateralizing intent-centric Lombard loans.

  • Collateralizing third-party tokenisations.

  • Governance for the Colb DAO.

  • Sponsoring gas fees.