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Your capital should work as hard as you. It should express your drive, values, aspirations and needs. It should grow as you grow and reflect the future you want to see.

It should exist in the real world.

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But in the real world of investing, stock markets are a minefield, bonds offer little value, and access to the best investment opportunities is reserved for big banks or the elite few.

Cryptocurrencies offer growth, freedom and transparency, but also huge volatility and painstaking risk. Platforms are anonymous and governance and collateral of assets are famously opaque.

What if you could take the best of both worlds and leave the rest?

Colb has built an ecosystem merging these two financial worlds. Taking the best of both and combining them in one investment platform.

We bring traditional investors to crypto and crypto investors to traditional assets.

The future of finance starts now.

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Colb launches for professional investors


Colb launches for retail investors


Colb introduces governance structures that enable its users to shape investment offerings

What is Colb?

Real investing, tokenised, decentralised and democratised.

Colb provides access to the best investment opportunities worldwide, with no obligation to use a bank. Blockchain technology offers the infrastructure, trust and transparency for this to work.

Let’s break that down.


After completing the KYC check, users are issued with their own private and protected online wallet. Think of this like an internet banking app… without the bank.


To start investing, users trade their regular cash, or crypto, for Stablecolb in their secure wallet. Stablecolb is our native cryptocurrency, strictly pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar, that is fully collateralised, backed by Swiss regulations, and audited by a third-party. Stablecolb enables you to buy a tokenised piece of a world-class fund-linked note through Colb’s platform.


Colb’s book building mechanism enables its users to bid on the desired size of their investment and the fee they’re willing to pay to gain access to the fund-linked note. The higher the bid, the larger the tokenised piece of the offered investment opportunity each user gets.


Your note token mirrors an equal size of the underlying fund. This works because Colb underwrites all investment, backing them in a trust structure. When the investment matures, users can redeem their investment in Stablecolb which can be swapped for real cash or cryptocurrency.

We believe this is the future of finance and it starts now.

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Why Colb?

Shape our future, together

We wanted to create a platform that includes, not excludes. We fully believe in the power of blockchain in enabling professional investors to make decisions that shape their own desired future.

Together, as a collective, we think that could be powerful. Where everyone brings their own values, preferences and objectives to the table and Colb translates that into investments that work for everyone.

This goes beyond the community, where investment decisions could impact the real world economy, society and our planet.

Through our recognised network at Colb, we hope to share wisdom and research to help empower and educate our community to make informed decisions as to what future they’re investing in.

Access real investment opportunities

No matter where you are, who you are, or the size of your assets - if you are a professional investor - Colb unlocks access to real world-class funds through tokenisation of any investment product offered by a third party.

Now you can access the capital markets, invest in the most exciting opportunities and diversify your portfolio, in one, easy platform.

Protect your wealth

We use our own, native stable currency, Stablecolb, which is pegged to the US dollar with a 1:1 ratio.

Stablecolb is compliant with Swiss law, insured by a bank, fully collateralized and transparently audited by third parties.

A Trust structure holds the assets backing the digital currency to protect investors from operational risk. It is deposited in a Private Swiss Bank, providing a legal claim against the issuer, ensuring users can always redeem their Stablecolb for cash.

Your digital security is our priority. We do not store, manage or intermediate any third party funds or assets and our decentralised model mitigates against ransomware attacks or database leaks. All smart contracts are audited by accredited security firms and any personal data is maintained on an encrypted database.

Be your own bank

All activities on the Colb platform are underpinned by smart contracts, which take place on the Ethereum blockchain in layer 1, and Polygon sidechain in layer 2.

There’s no intermediaries, paperwork, or long waiting times. If you want to trade, you can do so knowing it’s tracked and backed by trust.

Through Colb’s smart contracts, you can create liquidity pools, stake your assets, or sell them on a secondary market using decentralised finance infrastructure.