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Stable Colb USD ($SCB)

Stable Colb USD (SCB)
$SCB is the premier Swiss-compliant stablecoin pegged one-to-one with the USD. It embodies regulatory compliance and seamless security. It is effortlessly exchanged for TKSPs by swap through Colb’s app. $SCB is the access key to the Colb ecosystem and functions as a replacement for a bank account, automating TKSP issuance and distribution.
$SCB is issued in full compliance with Swiss legislation and fully collateralised by cash and cash equivalents and legally classed as a payment token. Holding $SCB is effectively the same as having a Swiss bank account – without the associated fees.
Hold or trade $SCB safely with its security guarantees to protect your wealth, but also $SCB can be used to access Colb’s investment ecosystem of tokenized structured products. Investors use $SCB within the Colb app as an entry mechanism for a range of real-world products via investment tokens which can be redeemed for $SCB and exchanged for fiat currency at anytime.
$SCB can be swapped by initiating a bank transfer of USD to the Colb Trust bank account via the Colb app. Alternatively you can sign in to the Colb app and Swap for Matic or other cryptocurrencies.

Clean Swap

Colb introduced $SCB ‘Clean Swap’ in Q4 2023, to provide users with a direct way to access $SCB with their crypto, making a completely bankless experience possible. $SCB ‘Clean Swap’ marks a pioneering leap in the crypto market, embodying Colb’s commitment to unparalleled transparency and trust. Every interaction with $SCB within Colb’s app, whether buying, selling, or swapping adheres to Swiss regulatory standards.
Get $SCB in the Colb App at Mercado Bitcoin or Uniswap.
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