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A protocol for Wealth 3.0

Abstract: To achieve its mission of making premium investments accessible, Colb has identified three significant issues and structured its business model around solutions to effectively tackle them. Problem: Inaccessibility of banks. Solution: Abstract the banks by introducing a compliant stablecoin and providing access through self-custody wallets. Problem: Inaccessibility of premium assets and distribution challenges. Solution: Tokenize assets to enable fragmented on-chain distribution through smart contracts. Problem: Inaccessibility of liquidity to RWA tokens. Solution: Scale the search for liquidity on-chain and off-chain by developing an intent-based RWA protocol. Blockchain technology offers significant scalability and equality advantages over traditional bureaucratic systems. Overcoming bureaucracy necessitates a focus on effectiveness. A technology-driven financial system is inevitable, with efficiency as a cornerstone. Colb is accelerating this transition.

NOTE: This whitepaper is currently being drafted and will be available shortly.