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Bankless access to investment opportunities through tokenisation

We believe that closing the gap between the old and new financial worlds - connecting the best investment solutions, with new technology and willing investors -  is a powerful opportunity to empower people with freedom.

We don’t know where this will lead. Our hope is that by bringing these forces together, we are able to create a disruptive investing ecosystem fit for a new generation of investors who are turning to digital finance where transparency, liquidity, efficiency and trust are the underlying building blocks.

Decentralised investments

Colb empowers individuals with freedom by boosting the mass adoption of decentralised investments.

Through offering access to the best funds globally and enabling the power of the collective, the voice of many becomes louder. It’s not us versus them, but rather all together.

We’re all striving for the same end goals: wealth, security, prosperity and sustainability.

Colb seeks to change the design of financial services, making asset allocation more efficient and accelerating global finance.

We envisage a world where anyone can access transparent, fair, and cost-effective financial products. A world of freedom.

Yulgan Lira - Co-Founder & CEO at Colb